Neath and Port Talbot

Two towns with a rich heritage and stunning hinterland; easy to get to and around with lots to see and explore

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Get around on the bus or train

There is a comprehensive network of bus services from Neath and Port Talbot, running six days a week with limited Sunday services. They serve both towns, also the Afan, Neath, Swansea and Dulais Valleys, Aberavon seafront and Margam Country Park.

There is a frequent train service between Neath and Port Talbot and less frequent serving Baglan, Briton Ferry and Skewen.

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Off-road leisure cycling

Neath, Port Talbot and the valleys have a network of cycling routes, many of them off-road. The National Cycle Network (NCN) has a number of routes in and around Neath and Port Talbot:

NCN 4: (from east) through Margam, Port Talbot and Briton Ferry to Swansea and beyond.

NCN 43: from junction with NCN 4 at Swansea then through the Swansea Valley to Ystalyfera.

NCN 46: from Neath through the Vale of Neath to Glynneath, Merthyr and beyond.

NCN 47: from a junction with NCN 4 at Briton Ferry through Neath and a high level route to Glyncorrwg and beyond.

Attractive local routes are:

Port Talbot NCN 887 (connect with NCN 4) through the Afan Valley to Cymmer with junction south to Maesteg north to Glyncorrwg (for NCN 47).

Port Talbot (connect with NCN 4 via street riding) to Bryn along Cwm Dyffryn.

Port Talbot (connect with NCN 4 via street riding) to Aberafan Seafront, Sandfields and Briton Ferry (connect with NCN 4 & NCN 47)

Other advisory safe on-road cycling is shown on the map below.

Find out more by consulting the cycle map

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Walking in Neath Port Talbot and the Valleys

There is a lot of good walking in the Neath Port Talbot area. The inland route of the Wales Coast Path between Margam and Briton Ferry is spectacular and challenging with fantastic views over Margam Park, the Steelworks and Swansea Bay.

A series of interesting walks can be found on our Walking page

Neath Port Talbot Ramblers will provide more information and a programme of organised walks

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Country Parks

  • Gnoll Estate Country Park

    • Victoria Gardens Bus Station (1 km) all services
    • NCN 47 linked to cycle access on minor roads
    • Walking links from Neath town centre
    Situated close to the centre of Neath, this park was formerly a great estate developed by industrialist family the Mackworth’s. It is now a fine area of woodland, historic water features and recreation.
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  • Margam Country Park

    • Margam Park Main Gates (500m) X1, X4
    • NCN 4 circulates round the east and south ends of the park
    • Wales Coast Path, close to park
    This park is an outstanding natural resource, close to but greatly predating the steel plant along the coastal strip below. It has a long and fascinating history. The Park has played an important part in the life of the area for close on a thousand years and many magnificent reminders of its past remain to this day. It is also a great centre for walking, cycling and other activities.
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  • Afan Forest Park

    • The whole of the Afan Valley is served by bus at key points 59, 83
    • NCN 887 links from NCN 4 at Port Talbot and into NCN 883 to Maesteg and connects with NCN 47 at Glyncorrwg
    • Access from the Wales Coast Path at Port Talbot using NCN 887. The valley floor has safe routes for leisure cycling and the area has numerous mountain bike trails.
    Made famous as one of the World’s premier mountain bike locations, this park has an outstanding heritage of walking trails which has rediscovered its natural beauty with the demise of former industrial history.
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  • Craig Gwladys Country Park

    • X7 100m
    • NCN 47 500m
    • Canal towpath from Neath to Aberdulais
    Craig Gwladus is a delightful combination of thickly wooded slopes, picturesque rocky outcrops, varied wildlife habitats and coal-mining heritage all linked by a network of footpaths.
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History, Heritage and Natural Beauty

  • Neath Abbey

    • Neath Abbey Main Road (100m) 34, 38, 204
    • NCN 47 at Neath (1 km)
    • The Tennant Canal towpath passes the site and links Neath town centre and Jersey Marine
    This old Cistercian monastery is beautifully restored and maintained by CADW and has a large part of the core still standing.
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  • Aberdulais Tinworks & Waterfall

    • Aberdulais Falls (adjacent) X8, T6
    • NCN 43 passes close to site and links with NCN 47 at Neath; cycle parking on site circulates round the east and south ends of the park
    • Close to the towpaths of the Neath & Tennant Canals
    *CURRENTLY CLOSED* A superb heritage site where the former tinworks and waterwheel have been beautifully restored to tell the story of Aberdulais’ contribution to the Industrial Revolution; its spectacular waterfall is a key part of the story as it provided the means to power the tinworks.
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  • Cefn Coed Colliery Museum

    • Cefn Coed (adjacent) X7, T6
    • NCN 43 passes close to site (2 kms) and links with NCN 47 at Neath; cycle parking on site circulates round the east and south ends of the park
    • Reached on minor road from Aberdulais (2 kms) with a short stretch (250 m) of main road walking
    *CURRENTLY CLOSED* The museum tells the story of coal mining here - once the deepest anthracite coal mine in the world - through words, pictures and artefacts throughout the museum. The underground gallery, a simulated working seam, brings the harrowing conditions of the miners to life.
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  • Pontrhydyfen and its historic viaducts

    • 59, 83 Oakwood Interchange
    • NCN 887 direct from Port Talbot
    • Richard Burton Trail and Rail & River Trail
    Situated in a deep valley at the confluence of the Afan and Pelenna rivers, the village of Pontrhydyfen is famous for its four viaducts, two of which are still extant and complete. The whole area presents an amazing scene of a past history when the railways were buzzing with coal traffic from the valleys to coastal ports.
  • Neath and Tennant Canals

    • X7 (Tonna, Clyne, Resolven) X8, T6 (Aberdulais); X7, X8 (at Jersey Marine
    • NCN 46 follows the Neath Canal from Neath town centre to Resolven
    • There is a walkable towpath on both canals: Jersey Marine to Aberdulais (Tennant Canal); Neath town centre to Aberdulais and Resolven (Neath Canal)
    Though only partially restored the two canals provide a wealth of transport history and natural heritage along their length through locks, aqueducts and canal basins (used for loading and trans-shipment). There is good, level walking on the towpaths of both canals and access by bus is easy at various points
  • Swansea Canal

    • X6 (Clydach Mond, Pontardawe Jubilee); 56, 256 Pontardawe Jubilee
    • NCN 43 follows at or near the canal from Clydach to Ystalyfera
    • There is a walkable towpath along the canals between Clydach, Pontardawe and Godre’r Graig
    Much of this historic canal is restored or in course of restoration and is a central feature of the valley between Clydach, Pontardawe and Godre’r Graig. A walk along its towpath is the best way to appreciate the beauty of the valley in the post-industrial age.
  • Melincourt Waterfall

    • Bus X7 from Swansea and Neath to Melincourt Falls, 10 minutes’ walk
    • NCN 47 (1 km); cycles can be parked at car park (500m)
    • NCN 47 and Neath Canal Trail (1 km)
    Situated in a secluded narrow valley, on a tributary of the river Neath, just south of the village of Resolven, this waterfall also has a steep drop.

Leisure, Culture and Sport

  • Gwyn Hall

    • Neath Victoria Gardens Bus Station (50m)
    • NCN 47 nearby; cycle parking available
    • Within easy walking distance of town centre
    Conveniently located in the town centre near the bus and train stations, this venue hosts cinema, theatre and drama.
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  • Princess Royal Theatre

    • Port Talbot Bus Station (100m) all services
    • NCN 887 (adjacent); cycle parking available
    • Within easy walking distance of town centre
    Conveniently located in the town centre and close to the bus station, this 800-seat theatre is host to live performances from both professional and amateur groups.
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  • Pontardawe Arts Centre

    • Pontardawe Jubilee (100m) X6, 56, 256
    • NCN 43 (adjacent); cycle parking available
    • NCN 43 and Swansea Canal towpath (100m)
    Conveniently located in the town centre and close to the bus station, it is a truly multi-purpose arts venue hosting live theatre, cinema, art and dance.
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  • Aberavon Leisure & Fitness Centre

    • Princess Margaret Way (adjacent) 82 (weekdays) 8 (Sundays)
    • The coastal branch off NCN 4 passes the site; cycle parking available
    • Close to promenade walk and coastal cycle/walk route
    Aberavon Leisure & Fitness Centre caters for the fitness and leisure needs of the local and wider communities. Whether you’re a child learning to swim, local worker looking to get fit, or simply someone looking to unwind, this is the perfect place for you.
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  • Llandarcy Academy of Sport

    • Coed Darcy (adjacent) X7, X8, 38
    • NCN 46 passes close to the centre; cycle parking available
    • NCN 46 and Tennant Canal towpath (200m)
    Llandarcy is the place for health, fitness and wellbeing but that is not all on offer. From kids parties, kids holidays camps, free open weekends to The Pavilion Llandarcy our very own brand new and exciting restaurant and sports bar.
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Fine Towns and a Great Seafront

  • Neath

    • Victoria Gardens Bus Station; all services except T6 (at Train Station)
    • NCN 47 nearby; cycle parking available
    • Wales Coast Path at Briton Ferry (3kms)
    Neath is an historic market town whose origins date back to Roman times when the settlement was named Nidum. Today, it’s a bustling place whose icon is the 19th century St David’s Church, next to the attractive Victoria Gardens. There is much of historic interest in the town including the remains of its Norman Castle, the Old Town Hall and Friends Meeting House; and there is a large indoor market. The extensive Gnoll Estate Country Park sits above the town
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  • Port Talbot

    • Port Talbot Bus Station; all services
    • NCN 4 passes close to the centre; cycle parking available
    • Wales Coast Path (inland route) passes through the town
    Port Talbot is a relatively modern industrial town which owes its prosperity to the massive steelworks, still extant, an example of a world class steel strip mill. It has a lively town centre with excellent shopping and a fine theatre with a big repertoire of entertainment. With a fine beach and seascape on one side and spectacular mountains on the other, it is a fine location.
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  • Pontardawe

    • Pontardawe Jubilee Bus Station X6, 56, 256
    • NCN 43 (adjacent); cycle parking available
    • NCN 43 and Swansea Canal towpath pass through the town
    Pontardawe, the principal town in the Swansea Valley occupies a prominent position on N-S and E-W crossroads. It has a lively Arts Centre with a reputation as one of the finest cultural venue in South Wales. Its church is a spectacular feature prominent above the town and canal.
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  • Aberavon Seafront

    • Princess Margaret Way 82 (weekdays) 8 (Sundays)
    • Take the coastal branch off NCN 4; cycle parking available
    • Promenade walk and coastal cycle/walk route
    Achieving a recent renaissance, this stunning seafront has four kilometres of golden sands fronted by an attractive promenade with cafes and attractions and views across Swansea Bay
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